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Show and tell may be synonymous with Monday mornings, small children and quirky topics, however in the Senior School, Show and Tell is a culmination of months of work, photographic evidence of sheer determination and resilience, together with examples of some beautifully written text.

On Tuesday 13 November, room GG09 was transformed with what our Years 7 to 10 students have studied, researched and created in our Enrichment and Curriculum Support classes.

Year 9 Enrichment students displayed their Remote Operated Vehicles carefully designed, built and crafted over a semester with the support of staff and mentors from SAAB Technology, while students from Year 8 displayed their What I want to learn about products, such as homemade sun screen and a handmade wooden guitar. Similarly, Year 7 students reflected on their day of abseiling the rocky cliffs of Morialta Conservation Park.  The ceiling was adorned with rockets and space ships fit for any Mission to Mars and we heard the masterful rap of hip-hop rhyme.

Regardless of their year level or whether in Curriculum Support or Enrichment, all students displayed some incredible creativity and passion in their work.

Thank you to all the staff, prefects and students who visited our displays. We look forward to highlighting the skills of our students again in 2019.

Carmen Bester
Coordinator of Students with Diverse Learning Needs