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It is a scary thought that the next generation will inherit various local, national and global issues from previous generations, ranging from poverty to peace to the environment. However, it is also exciting to view this as a unique opportunity. If we set our minds to it, we could be the first in human history to leave our children nothing: no greenhouse-gas emissions, no poverty, and no biodiversity loss.

Social Enterprise can be defined as the concept where people and organisations use business to achieve a particular social impact, whether that be environmental, disadvantage, youth unemployment or aged care. It is a hugely important concept, bringing purpose and meaning to business, rather than its traditional status of being a means to make money. The idea is not new, with Mohammad Yunus creating social enterprises in India since the 1970s, however today there is a massive push towards social enterprise in many businesses, with an estimated 20,000 social enterprises in operation throughout Australia.

On 24 September, eleven students attended the inaugural Youth Social Enterprise Forum, hosted by Scotch College. This student-led initiative brought students together from across Adelaide to be inspired by speakers from Taboo, thankyou, Zambreros and Harvest Fair, with the opportunity to work with these inspiring leaders in practical workshop sessions (I encourage you google these businesses!).

Thank you messages of “you have the power to change stuff” got the students really thinking about what “stuff” in their world they would like to change – whether it be at their school, local community, state, country or world.

Our students contributed really well throughout the day, asking questions and presenting in pitching social enterprise ideas at the conclusion of the forum to the group of over 100 peers and teachers. It was encouraging to see our young people so passionate about making positive change, and I am confident our young people with their drive and passion are capable to solve the various challenges that lie ahead in the future.

I am keen to meet social enterprises out there who are doing amazing things and would like to inspire and help our young people to do the same. Please email me at and we can make it happen.

Our outstanding future social pioneers include:
Tim Prince (Year 11)
Yi Qin (Year 11)
Alexander Rowe (Year 10)
Thomas Spiby (Year 11)
William Trotman-Dickenson (Year 11)
Jeremy Beale (Year 9)
James Tallent (Year 10)
Max Buttignol (Year 11)
Lewis Fox (Year 11)
Thomas Ganzis (Year 10)
Isaac Hoe (Year 10)

Mr Jeremy Borgas
Senior School Teacher