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I need your help with some car parking – please bear with me while I explain.

As part of our strategic review it became clear that St Peter’s College students should be encouraged, possibly compelled, to look beyond our postcode. Our Anglican foundation points to a long record of mission work beyond the fence line of the School. Given that service is one of our key values we will now be increasing efforts to direct our students into these pursuits, asking them to learn about the social needs of our wider community, and eventually, find a way to address these needs.

This year St Peter’s College students will be encouraged to develop social enterprises that address a direct community need. To assist with establishing an enterprise, students will be able to apply for a small financial grant. Getting started is often the hardest part.

To establish the grant funds, several St Peter’s College students (and their parents) are asked to assist with car parking on campus during WOMADelaide. It will likely be somewhat tedious and boring, yet this assistance will be the beginning of our social enterprise strategy. The School has engaged Wilson Parking to assist with collection of money and organise logistics, we just need a labour force to accompany them. Supervision of the car parking will be via shifts over four days from Friday 8 March until Monday 11 March, please see the link below. Boys and their parents are requested to make this possible. Please note that students volunteering from Years 7 to 10 must be accompanied by an adult during all time slots.

The hours accumulated in each shift will count for Learning hours with 20 hours reflecting the White Certificate or they can be added to the accumulated number of hours for the Blue Certificate. This is an easily accessible service opportunity and provides students a chance to be part of the growth of social enterprise, even if it is some time before they themselves initiate their own enterprise. Boys should also note that students seeking to apply for a position of student leadership in the future will be asked to demonstrate their alignment and contribution to the value of Service.

If you care to join me, I will be donning my fluoro high vis jacket across a couple of shifts during WOMADelaide.

*Please also note this is only open to Senior School students AND their parents.* 

Senior School parents and their son’s can register via the following link:
St Peter’s College Volunteers

Once a roster has been established there will be further information sent by email.

Yours sincerely

Tim Browning