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On Saturday 8 September, students from Saints and Wilderness conducted a day’s training to prepare for the upcoming Sony Children’s Holiday Camp which will be held on the first weekend of the upcoming School holidays.

For three days and two nights, thirteen of our Year 11 students will provide care and responsibility for children with a disability. Eight Year 10 students will also act as a support crew. As part of the training, the Year 11 students spent the day learning how to care for their guest from a Speech Pathologist and Occupational Therapist. In addition to a range of other activities, students also heard from the mother of a child with a disability, learnt how to look after their guest in the pool and, of most reward, spent some time with their guest and family in the afternoon.

We commend all these boys for embarking on this amazing service opportunity and look forward to working with them between now and the conclusion of the camp.

I would also like to thank the Cameron family (Will Cameron – Year 12) who have donated a lamb which will be put on a spit for the families and guests on the final day of camp (Tuesday 2 October). If any of the Saints community would like to donate to this special initiative, please contact me directly. We are hoping to supply guest’s parents with a gift basket whilst their child is staying with us in the St Peter’s College Boarding House.

Ray Pearson
Head of Boarding