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This year marked the 61st South Australian Hamann School Mathematics Competition (SMC), which was sponsored by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) who donated the prizes that will be awarded to the top achieving students in each division of the competition. The competition aims to encourage motivated and interested students to enjoy the challenge of abstract mathematical problems. The SMC ran on Wednesday of Week 8 in Term 1, with 222 students in the Senior School sitting the 90-minute paper.

All Mathematics students in the Senior School were invited to enter, with those in Advanced Mathematics classes strongly encouraged to participate. The School competed in three divisions: Junior (Years 7 to 8), Intermediate (Years 9 to 10) and Senior (Years 11 to 12). Monetary prizes are awarded to the top 10 students in each division, as well as those who achieve a High Distinction or Distinction. Students have been invited to receive their certificates and prizes at the Mathematical Association of South Australia (MASA) Presentation Night on Wednesday 22 June.

The following students performed exceptionally in the SMC in Term 1, achieving a Credit or above, which places them in the top 4% of all students in their respective division who sat the competition in South Australia. This is an exceptional achievement, and we are very proud of these students.

Junior Competition (Years 7 and 8)

Name Year Level Prize
Tao Wong 6 Equal First Place
Aarav Kochar 7 Eighth Place
Devansh Singhal 8 High Distinction
Carbon Li 7 High Distinction
Ryan Weinert 7 Distinction
Caleb Scott 7 Distinction
Dan Nguyen 7 Credit

Intermediate (Years 9 and 10)

Name Year Level Prize
Yitong (Jonny) Liu 10 Equal Sixth Place
Casper Cai 10 Equal Tenth Place
Henry Peng 10 High Distinction
David Taylor 10 High Distinction
Lochie Siow 9 Distinction
Benjamin Liu 10 Credit
William Carrigan 9 Credit

Senior (Years 11 and 12)

Name Year Level Prize
Nicholas Koh 12 Second Place
Darren Nguyen 11 Equal Fourth Place
Xander Grice 12 Equal Seventh Place
Max Wang 11 Equal Seventh Place
Gunin Singhal 11 High Distinction
Matthew Lam 12 High Distinction
(Austin) Yiding Liu 11 High Distinction
Marvin Xu 11 High Distinction
Shuang Cheng (Steven) Zhang 12 Distinction
Steven Xu 12 Distinction
Josip Podreka 12 Distinction
Oscar Chen 12 Credit

Louise Firth
Coordinator of Maths@Saints