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On Tuesday 29 October, PAC hosted the 2019 South Australian Philosothon and St Peter’s College was represented by a team of four students from Years 8 – 11.

The Philosothon is an opportunity for students to engage in philosophical discourse on a range of issues, within a competitive but supportive environment. It provides a unique opportunity for developing valuable skills in clear thinking, reasoning and inquiry.

They were required to participate in four Communities of Inquiry which lasted for approximately 30 minutes each. This year, the topics discussed were very challenging and included Big Bang Cosmology and the existence of God; Picasso on the Beach; the problem with consciousness; and the problem of induction. Despite the challenging nature of the topics, there were some excellent critical thinking skills on display throughout the evening.

Our boys did incredibly well. Nicholas Koh (Year 9) was awarded first place for the Year 9 level and second place for the ‘Most Promising Philosopher’. Overall, Saints came fifth out of 17 schools.

Carmen Bester
Coordinator of Students with Diverse Learning Needs