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In September 2019, the Health and Physical Education team implemented a whole of School athletic development program. This program aims to work closely with all coaches to develop age-appropriate programs that will enhance every Saints student’s physical literacy through fundamental movement skills. We believe (and supported by an ever-growing body of evidence) this will provide students the necessary confidence and competence to engage in life long physical activity, sport participation, increased performance and the subsequent mental and physical health benefits.

We currently offer strength and conditioning for Years 8 to 12, with programs for Year 1 through to Year 7 to be released shortly. Strength and conditioning programs provide the following:

  • Progressive programs from body weight through to complex movements – written and supervised by highly experienced strength and conditioning coaches
  • Consistent attendance at gym sessions will provide long-term benefit to students
  • Enhance physical literacy through the use of a wide range of fundamental movements including unloaded and with resistance
  • Help create robust athletes leading to reduced risk of injury and improve mental health and wellbeing
  • Increase performance outcomes through increases in strength, power, range of movement and general physical capacity

Each week the sports centre gym sees over 500 boys attend before school, lunchtime and after school sessions. For those who attend regularly, we have seen noticeable gains in movement quality, strength, power and a real engagement with the program. Students are really enjoying developing new skills which will positively impact on their sports performance and general health.

We are excited to offer Saints students this program and continue the roll out over the next few years.

Stuart Mitchell
Head of Athletic Development