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Welcome to a new year filled with opportunity to participate and perform in the realm of sport at St Peter’s College. A special welcome to new students and parents joining our community for the first time.

Sport at St Peter’s College is a thriving community within the community. We have a great team of leaders, administrators, teachers and coaches ready to support students on the journey of growth and development. While we will win more than our fair share of the contests we will participate in this year, that is not our focus. Our focus is firmly on the development of every student to improve skills and abilities. Our Athletic Development staff, led by Mr Stuart Mitchell, are ready to support all of our students on their path to improved strength, speed, mobility and control. Our Athletic Development Programs are designed to support students from their starting point and work with them to find incremental improvement. Consistency is the key to success. We have programs available now in Strength and Conditioning, Functional Movement, Speed and Swimming. Please make contact with Stuart Mitchell if you would like more information.

Our Heath and Physical Education (HPE) program across the School is aligned with our Sports and Athletic Development programs. All students are introduced to programs and activities that are intended to build confidence, physical literacy and the capacity to enjoy physical activity for life. All of our HPE teachers are actively engaged in our co-curricular sports programs and sporting leadership roles. We offer a number of HPE electives including Sports Science, Human Performance, Coaching and Sports Data Analytics, Biomechanics and Health Science. Students interested in the science of sport and performance are encouraged to explore these options.

We are excited that Mr Daniel Mullen has joined the staff in 2021 in the role of Graduate Teacher. Daniel has an extensive background in high performance Soccer as a player, and joins our team to teach HPE and coach Soccer whilst also being mentored and supported as an early career teacher.

All of the twenty competitive sports on offer are managed by a staff member that has ownership of that community within the community. You can access a list of key sports contacts here – enter your son’s sport in the ‘Search area’ section (top right of page).

The leader of each program oversees an experienced group of teachers and coaches to implement a comprehensive program of training and competition. Student participation in sport at St Peter’s College is compulsory. The School has a long history in providing supportive and challenging environments outside of the classroom for students to explore and develop in. We ask that parents and guardians partner with us in ensuring that students take a highly dedicated approach to their co-curricular learning.

I look forward to seeing you on a sideline soon.

Mr Barnaby Eaton
Director of Sport and HPE