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Rowing successes
Angus Dawson (Year 12), Sam Burton (Year 12) and Tom Beresford (Year 12) were invited guests to the annual Rowing SA awards breakfast hosted at the Lakes Hotel, West Lakes. Angus finished in the top three of the Champion Junior Male and the Champion Senior Male Awards taking out the Champion Junior Male award. A great result for Angus after a very impressive season. Tom also finished in the top three of the Champion Senior Male Award – a great result for any school-aged athlete. Sam finished in the top tree of the Champion Male Coxswains Award, proving how hard work and commitment pays off. A great result for the three boys, St Peter’s College Boat Club and the School.

Pedal prix
On Sunday 17 June, four Saints teams lined up at Victoria Park to start the first six-hour race of the season. All teams have been training regularly in the school gym with coach Fergus Kelso, and at Victoria Park on weekends, with many students putting in extra hours of their own time. We were also fortunate to have our fleet of trikes upgraded this year, with a new high-performance Aquila 2+ trike, a new four-wheeled bike, and two trikes back from being improved from the last few seasons of racing. Many boys gave up a lot of their time to ensure they were ready to race on Sunday.

Our senior Category 3 team, Vector, entered the race ready to race very competitively. After two hours of racing, our first two riders put the team into first place however a mechanical issue meant they lost precious time in a tightly packed field. The rest of the team worked hard to push back leaving us in second place, one lap behind the race leader from Mount Barker High School. A tremendous result, of which the team can be very proud. For the first time we entered a second team in Category 3, Delta-V, and finished 11th in their category after a very smooth six hours of racing, surpassing other top teams.

Our Category 2 team, Schrittmacher, had a clean race with riders showing a lot of potential for the rest of the series. Finishing 18th in their category with a field of 58 teams, the students should be proud of their result and will continue to work hard to improve for the next race.

Finally, the Category 1 team, Max-Q, finished 19th in their field with only six laps separating them and tenth place. The team should be commended for competing, and preforming to a high level in a category where most teams are larger, with Year 6 students racing in their respective teams.

Despite strong winds and a wet track making handling more challenging, all four of our teams rode very well in the challenging conditions and can expect a rewarding season if they continue training hard.

Special thanks to Mr Lamont and Mr Coventry for helping to coordinate all the teams and ensure the race ran smoothly, our coach Mr Fergus Kelso for making sure we perform at our full potential. Thank you to Angus Ritossa (Year 11) for developing a new GPS tracking program which proved invaluable during the race.

William Ritossa (Year 12)
Pedal Prix Captain

Cycling success
Angus Miller (Year 10) has continued his recent successes on the road to win the second round of the South Australian National Junior Road Series for Under 17 Men. Angus won the race by a few centimeters to keep the lead in the series. Well done to Angus who is continuing to gain great confidence out of his hard work and recent successes.

Grant Wyman
Director of Sport and Athletic Development