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The Southeast has always been a place intrinsically linked to St Peter’s College. With generations of boarders who have attended SPSC from this area, ten current boys and many future enrolments, it is a place to which we feel connected.

Field days are an opportunity for SPSC staff to visit the local areas of our boarding families. To understand and appreciate the backgrounds of our students is a critical part of forming strong relationships and providing excellent pastoral care.

The recent trip to the South East Field Days was a chance for SPSC staff to catch up with past, present, and future boarding families and for St Peter’s College to continue to develop a presence and relationship with the wider South East area. There was a well-attended dinner at the Royal Oak Hotel in Penola which was a great opportunity to strengthen our bonds within the boarding community.

Thank you to Rob Green and Amanda Bruce for attending on the School’s behalf and to all the families who attended the dinner. The South East region is a beautiful part of South Australia. We are very proud of our students from this area, and it is fantastic to have such a strong connection with this region.

Tim Angus
Director of Boarding