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The SSSSA (Secondary School Sport of South Australia) Track and Field Championships is open to all secondary schools in South Australia.

There are 12 grades of competition from A grade through to F grade with two divisions in each grade. Each year the top school in each division is promoted with the last place moving down a grade.

On Wednesday 13 April St Peter’s College fielded a team of approximately 40 athletes in the A1 division. The competition was fierce, but a stellar performance by all of our Athletes led to SPSC winning the boys competition for the first time in four years.

2022 A1 Boys Results:
1. St Peter’s College
2. Immanuel College
3. Trinity College
4. Mercedes College

Thanks go out to our Head Coaches Tony Checker, Rick Wilson, Rob Melin and Lio Ferrante for preparing the boys so well. Additional thanks to Assistant Coaches Fox Obst, Sam Barnfield and Jacinta Fisher for helping coach the boys on the day.

Hamish McTernan
Coordinator of Athletics