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In Week 7 our Year 4 boys visited St Peter’s Cathedral in North Adelaide as part of the Religious and Values Education program. The boys enjoyed a very pleasant walk in the sunshine to the cathedral and saw bird life from the riverbank. After a picnic morning tea in the park the students were divided into six groups to explore the cathedral. The boys were able to experience for themselves the beauty and serene atmosphere of the cathedral. They commented on how cold the stone felt, how many steps there were in the winding staircase, and the vivid colours in the stained-glass windows.

The volunteer guides kindly shared their knowledge of the history, architecture and important features of the cathedral. The boys learnt about how the artists who created the stained-glass windows represented biblical stories and features of South Australia using symbols and pictures. They were interested to hear about the connection between St Peter’s Cathedral and St Peter’s College. The students displayed their curiosity and interest by asking many questions, and they appreciated the different learning experiences at each of the six stations within the cathedral. These included the narthex, the gallery, the Lady Chapel and the sanctuary. The boys had much to talk about during the walk back to school.

Dr Katherine Bensted
Teacher of Religious and Values Education (RAVE)