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This year is the 20th anniversary of Australian Harmony Day. It is also the first year that Harmony Day has been renamed Harmony Week to recognise diversity and inclusion activities that are taking place across the nation during the entire week. Harmony Week is about inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural or linguistic background.

George Young (Year 12) and Year 10 students Noah Pitkin, Eton Williams, Josh Dunstan and Guy Dello-Iacovo took the initiative to form the St Peter’s College Band and perform both Chinese and Australian music in a local Harmony Day event on Sunday 17 March at the St Andrew’s by the Sea Uniting Church.

Their cross-cultural performance brought people from different backgrounds together. The audiences were thrilled to see students without a Chinese background playing Chinese music and speaking Chinese. In half an hour the boys raised $71, which will go to Community Aid. This organisation provides food and toiletries to those affected by poverty and homelessness in the southwest metropolitan region.

Since February, these students have committed to lunchtime practices and sacrificed their leisure time to serve the community well. Their performance was greatly appreciated by audiences. Many thanks to their parents, who drove the students to the venue and supported them during the event.

Fangfang Qiu
Coordinator of Chinese

St Peter’s College Band performs at local Harmony Day event