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2020 has undoubtedly been a year of huge changes in education. Much of the world has shifted to relying on technologies that were previously a useful, but not an essential, part of learning and teaching. In some countries, remote learning has continued for weeks or months. Many schools in Victoria are underway with a second academic term where the majority of learning will take place at home, with students connecting with their teachers and school community virtually rather than face to face. Even in our personal lives many of us find that we have a greater reliance on technology to help us stay connected to family and friends both interstate and overseas.

With remote learning and reliance on technology for connection remaining a possibility into the future, and in lieu of being able to run face to face sessions for our parent community, last term I had the pleasure of interviewing a number of staff across the School to explore the role technology plays in the lives of our students, both in their learning and at home. These interviews form the basis of a new podcast series, the first episode of which is linked below. The first episode, featuring School Counsellor Dr Mike Oliver, explores the idea of screen time and examines how healthy habits and behaviours can be established and developed across all ages.

You can listen to the first episode via the Technology at Home page through Keystone, via the web by clicking here, or you can listen and subscribe via the free Podbean app available for both Apple and Android devices. Once signed in, search for ‘The St Peter’s College Podcast’. You can also subscribe via iTunes Podcasts here.

If you have any feedback or questions arising from the episode, please feel free to get in touch at Your feedback is also welcomed on future topics either on the podcast series or for future face to face sessions. The partnership between parents and educators in supporting children and young people to develop healthy and positive habits around technology is crucial, and I look forward to speaking with you on this important topic.

Angela Norman
Director of Digital Innovation