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St Peter’s College is proud to launch a new online virtual tour, which offers the opportunity to explore the spaces, facilities and history of the School. The virtual tour is the result of a student-led project.

The virtual tour was developed for the School’s public website and is a excellent example of our boys’ abilities and achievements. Using geolocation technology to build an interactive map of the School, users can click into the School’s buildings and find 360-degree photograph of the interiors as well as details about the learning programs.

The entire virtual tour is the result of a student-led project. Led by the Coding Society, the virtual tour began as an iBeacon project, then morphed into a web-based app, which has led to the current tool.

Year 12 students, Robbie Symonds and Zane Walker, wrote the functionality of the website, including its sophisticated permission levels and content upgrades. They also created the 360-degree photography and sourced the text copy.

To successfully deliver this project students were required to present to a wide range of stakeholders, run consultation workshops and respond to feedback. This helped them develop complex project management skills, as well as enhance their collaborative and interpersonal capabilities.

This project demonstrates the hard work and vision by both students and provides the School with a fantastic online resource.

Walter Barbieri, Director of eLearning.