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On Tuesday 7 March the Year 9 Commerce class took part in the inaugural ‘Start Up Academy’ run by the Future Anything Organisation. Secondary School students from all around the state converged into the Garden of Unearthly Delights to hear from young entrepreneurs and help build the skills to start up their own enterprises.

We heard from those who have successfully transformed their ideas into action, and how they overcame hurdles such as finance and self-doubt to create business ideas that met their passions and help solve customer problems.

The highlight was working in teams to generate ideas for the home of the future, with the goal of moving to a “Net Zero” footprint on the environment. Teams had to ideate various ‘smart’ solutions to this problem and our boys came up with a range of innovative products such as a solar powered car to an automated rubbish sorter and remover. The team of John, Yesun, Jack, Seb and Michael made it through to final and gave a great elevator pitch for their idea of the smart fridge, which could track when food was about to go off and send alerts (and suggested recipes) to the household to reduce food wastage. This team won the best pitch and won some movie tickets for their great idea and professional presentation.

Overall, the day was a worthwhile experience for the boys to learn a few tips and get to work together to build some innovative and creative ideas.

David Scott
Head of Professional Growth & Development