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Congratulations to the 11 Senior School students who participated in the State Cross Country Championship at Oakbank Race Course. Students participated from the Under 13 to open categories. All students trained very hard under the leadership of new coach, Rick Wilson. There was fierce competition and we had some pleasing results. All students should be proud of their efforts and they way in which they represented the School.

Congratulations to:

  1. Adam Goddard (Year 10) and Zac Connel (Year 11) finished first and third in their individual Under 16 category
  2. Jonathan Harris (Year 8) and Archie Goodson (Year 8) finished first and third in their Individual Under 14 category
  3. Jonathan Harris (Year 8), Archie Goodson (Year 8), Will Osborn (Year 8) and Oscar Hanisch (Year 8) finished second in their team Under 14 category

Well done to all of our student who trained hard and enjoyed the competition.

Mr Brian Wong
Teacher – Senior School/Mentor, Year 7