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The process for selection of our 2024 Student Leaders begins next week. On Wednesday this week, I met with all Year 11 students to provide details of the process that is outlined below for your information. Students will apply for the formal roles of leadership as Prefect, in the House and across the co-curricular program. There are approximately 80 formal leadership roles available.

Of course, leadership is more than formal roles. There are endless informal leadership opportunities across the School and you don’t need a formal role or title to be an effective leader. We are all leaders across multiple levels, beginning with leading oneself, and our hope is that all students will graduate from these walls and fields to be an effective leader in the community. That is the essence of Pro Deo et Patria.

Each House selects a House Captain, and that student will also be selected as a School Prefect. Up to an additional six students may be selected as School Prefects. Each House also selects four additional students, who are not School Prefects, to fulfil the role of House Prefect, of which one is chosen as House Vice-Captain. The full range of co-curricular leadership roles are available for students to nominate for, and will be considered for concurrently.

The key dates to be aware of are:

  • Wednesday 9 August (Week 3) – Year 11 students are sent an email with a link to upload their application form.
  • Friday 18 August (Week 4) – application letters are to be addressed to the Head of House and uploaded to their House link no later than 3.30pm.
  • Tuesday 22 August (Week 5)House meetings when boys will vote for their House and Co-curricular Leaders.
  • Wednesday 23 August (Week 5) – Senior School students will vote online for School Prefects (over a 24 hour period).
  • Monday 28 August (Week 6) – each candidate for House Captain will be interviewed by his Head of House and another senior staff member.
  • Week 6:  Co-curricular interviews if required.
  • Thursday 21 September (Week 9) – all leadership decisions communicated to boys.

The key selection criteria will be:

  • Commitment to the School’s values.
  • Commitment to the School.
  • Demonstrated leadership in the past.
  • Service Learning record.

If you have any queries about the process please speak to your son’s Head of House, co-curricular Leader, Mr Savage or me.

Barnaby Eaton
Acting Head of Senior School