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Congratulations to the following boys who have been elected as SRC Members by their peers for Semester 2.

Reception B                 Hughie Manifold and Oliver Tang
Reception D                 Fergus Hicks and Orlando Ng
Reception T                  Luke Buttignol and Arav Joshi
Year 1G                       Seth Nguyen and Easton Papps-Burford
Year 1J                        Matthew Hill and Ethan Leong
Year 1R                        Andrew Dahdah and Jayden Pham
Year 2C                        Araz Kajani and Abhay Saini
Year 2I                         Nicholas Corbet and James Teo
Year 2T                        Lachlan Bowes and Navinder Takhar
Year 3D                        Adi Baghel and Caleb Scott
Year 3N                        Ned Manifold and Yifei Ren
Year 3R                        Krishn Arora and Joshua Zhang
Year 4P                        Louis von Doussa and Jack Grosser
Year 4S                        Max Arkadianos and Thomas Teh
Year 4W                       Hamish Donlan and Preston Dickson
Year 5A                        William Tolley and Oscar Wurm
Year 5B                        Joey Fitzgerald and Emmanuel Lee
Year 5M                       Felix Hanisch and Alexander Piscioneri
Year 5S                        Jack Pillay and Lachlan Siow
Year 6A                        Sean Ran and Max Walsh
Year 6C                        Harry Bradshaw and Thomas Hill
Year 6M                       Thomas Buhlmann and Lachlan Gallagher
Year 6N                        Lachlan Bishop-Spalding and Aadi Mittal