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Year 8 and 9 German students attended the German Film Festival last week. The 2019 German Film Festival took place at the Palace East End Cinemas and offered Year 8 and 9 students the opportunity to view current age-appropriate German-made films.  The Year 8 classes saw the film Invisible Sue, which was about a twelve year old girl, who becomes invisible after coming in contact with chemical liquids following an explosion in a laboratory.

The Year 9 classes viewed a film called Mountain Miracle – an Unexpected Friendship, which was about a young person’s efforts to overcome the effects of an illness against the odds. It was initially set in Berlin and then moved to the breathtaking setting of mountainous South Tyrol.

The German Film Festival gave students an opportunity to develop their German by making stronger connections with the language.

After the film, students said that they had enjoyed the film and understood much of the German by making connections with the language they had heard and the subtitles.

Some comments from the students were:

  • ‘I liked how all the schools came together to recognise their language by watching a German film.’ Henry Nitschke (Year 8)
  • ‘The movie was sehr gut’. Laith Shahin (Year 8)
  • ‘It had a lot of twists and turns.’ Ethan Trewartha (Year 8)
  • ‘It was a good movie about kids our age.’ Immanuel Syrianos (Year 9)
  • ‘I really enjoyed the scenery in the alps, especially the helicopter shots.’ Campbell McKee (Year 9)
  •  ‘The scenery was amazing.’ Henry Stewart-Rattray (Year 9)

(Frau) Monica McCauley
Coordinator of German