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Since the beginning of the school year, the Year 9 Subs in Schools class has been working hard to design, manufacture, test and refine an underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle. The Project is part of a national competition run by Re Engineered Australia, and the work of our two SPSC teams will culminate at the upcoming State Championships to be held at the Royal Adelaide Showgrounds. Here, the boys will set up a trade display in the STEM pavilion and present their work to a panel of industry professionals in defence, engineering, and naval ship building. They will also compete in a watercraft trial, to be held at SPSC on Wednesday 7 September. After this, if you would like to see their work, the ROV will remain on display at the showgrounds from 8 September – 11 September.

Along with their project to build a ROV submarine, the boys have also had to create team shirts, advertising materials, organise sponsorship and project funding, as well as compile comprehensive portfolios of the process.

Thank you to the SAAB mentors Jeremy Lai and Cooper Ellidge, who have been very helpful throughout all stages of the project with the students involved.

Well done to the following boys who entered this year and good luck at the upcoming State Championships.

  • Blue Whales – Edward Gross, Jesse Webber, Jackson McNamara, Emmanuel Lee and Peter Zhang
  • SeaHawk – Lachlan Northcote, Charlie Roger, Masih Mazraeh, James Levey and Chewy Li

Damien Thamm

Teacher – Technology Faculty