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Subs in Schools is a STEM program in which students develop and make ROV watercrafts that go through a series of tests that are done in a pool. As well as this teams make presentations and portfolios detailing everything they have done though the course of the competition. 

Students make teams of four or five and split up five main roles between them: Marketing, Engineering, Graphics, Manufacturer and Team manager. Each role contributes to the team and collectively an overall end result can be achieved. 

While preparing for the state final competition that took place at the Royal Adelaide Show, students collaborated with industries and mentor partners that helped all three teams that competed this year. 

Over the two and half terms students prepared two portfolios, one compliance booklet, a fully functioning watercraft ROV, a verbal presentation, shirts, banners, and booth displays. 

On the 31 of August all three teams competed at the water trials, which was the first stage of the competition. Teams are tasked with a neutrally buoyant test, a movement test and a 3-task course. All tasks are done under time conditions and strict laws. All three teams did incredibly well and achieved great results in this stage of the competition. 

On the 5th and 6th of September this year three teams competed at the state finals that were held at the Royal Adelaide Show. All teams presented portfolios and presentations to a panel of judges that graded our work. As well all teams had to make booth displays that presented all our work over the course of the project. 

Congratulations to all teams on their hard work and positive results over the course of the competition.  

The following students have qualified into the National Finals for Subs in Schools, to be held here at St Peter’s College next year.

Vinh Lam
Sebastian Chen
Hunsveer Chohan
Nicholas Robertson
Charlie Angus 

Hunsveer Chohan
Year 9 student