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Have you ever wondered how sustainable St Peter’s College is? In Year 4 the students have been learning about sustainable practices and how we can all help to preserve our earth’s precious resources by making small changes. Mr Jason Haseldine our Director of Finance,   presented to the Year 4 students and staff on some of the many projects that have been completed or are underway, to minimise the School’s  ecological footprint and to lessen our impact on the world. The boys listened intently about the amount of electricity our campus uses and were astonished by the amount of water that is used on the Campus. It was reassuring to find out about the water being pumped from the Torrens and the huge rainwater tanks buried below the ovals to harvest rainwater from the carparks. The Geothermal system buried beneath Girdlestone Oval heats the swimming pool, using a small fraction of electricity and then the natural heat from the earth. There was considerable discussion around the Solar Panels on newer buildings, and many suggestions as to how we might be able to incorporate more.

I couldn’t believe that there are tanks that hold 350,000L of water each under the Oval that are emptied everyday when required to water our grounds – Ziggy

I was shocked by how much water and electricity we use at St Peter’s College – Samuel

I was surprised by how much St Peter’s College is doing to help the planet. I enjoyed the presentation very much – Krishdev

Our sincere thanks go to Mr Haseldine for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk to our students about the many innovative energy saving projects underway at St Peter’s College.

Ceri Slinger and the Year 4 Teaching Team