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Symbols and Colours recognise the involvement of boys in co-curricular activities at the highest level within the School. Please join me in congratulating the following students who were awarded winter Symbols and Colours:

Sport Award Student Name Year Level
Basketball Colours Thomas Mestrov 12
Basketball Colours Ben Korte 12 Re-award
Basketball Colours Harry Bruce 10 Re-award
Basketball Symbols Dom Carter 11
Basketball Symbols Daniel Spiby 10
Basketball Symbols Will Tremaine 12
Basketball Symbols Emil Kourani 10
Basketball Symbols Riley Brunsgard 12
Basketball Symbols Harvey White 10
Sport Award Student Name Year Level
Chess Colours Chathula Kiripitige 12 Re-award
Chess Colours Luca Paull 11 Re-award
Chess Colours Ben Brierley 12
Chess Colours James Loftus 12
Chess Symbols Gunin Singhal 10
Chess Symbols Lachlyn Vuong 8
Chess Symbols Zihao Wu 12
Chess Symbols Xian Huang 12
Chess Symbols Xander Grice 11 Re-award
Chess Symbols Dimitri Savvoulidis 12
Chess Symbols Jack Blackburn 12
Chess Symbols Nicholas Koh 10 Re-award
Chess Symbols Toby de Wit 12
Sport Award Student Name Year Level
Cross Country Colours Jonathan Harris 10 Re-award
Cross Country Colours Henry Braithwaite 11
Cross Country Symbols Fraser Connel 11
Cross Country Symbols Alec Disney 11
Cross Country Symbols Will Fitzgerald 12
Cross Country Symbols Charles Lewis 12
Sport Award Student Name Year Level
Debating Colours Chirath Lekamge 12
Debating Colours Xander Grice 11
Debating Symbols Will Subramaniam 12
Debating Symbols Eric You 12
Debating Symbols Sachin Ravindran 12
Debating Symbols Alexander Rouss 12
Debating Symbols Anthony Pham 12
Debating Symbols Rajiv Paranavithana 11
Debating Symbols Nathan Choi 11
Debating Symbols Nicholas Koh 11
Debating Symbols Daniel Jesudason 11
Debating Symbols Gunin Singhal 10
Debating Symbols Aidan Eaton 10
Debating Symbols Will Lawrence 10
Sport Award Student Name Year Level
Football Colours Morgan Ferres 12
Football Colours Bradley Jefferies 12
Football Colours Samuel Warrick 12
Football Colours Felix Packer 12
Football Colours Henry Hawker 12
Football Symbols Billy Dowling 11
Football Symbols Charlie Haysman 11
Football Symbols Cormac Dwyer 11
Football Symbols Fergus Carruthers 11
Football Symbols Fraser Bone 11
Football Symbols Henry Stewart-Rattray 11
Football Symbols Henry Wicks 11
Football Symbols Hugo Gibson 11
Football Symbols Jett Hasting 9
Football Symbols Jude Whittaker 12
Football Symbols Luke Harvey 11
Football Symbols Luke Turner 12
Football Symbols Matthew Roberts 12
Football Symbols Max Blacker 11
Football Symbols Ted Newman 10
Football Symbols Thomas Byun 12
Football Symbols Tom Gibson 12
Football Symbols Will Francou 11
Football Symbols WIll Shepherd 12
Sport Award Student Name Year Level
Hockey Colours Alistair Jones 12
Hockey Colours Finn Williams 11
Hockey Symbols Ivar Stockhoff 11
Hockey Symbols Oliver Beadman 12 Re-award
Hockey Symbols Sam Steele 12
Hockey Symbols Finn Stentiford 11
Hockey Symbols Coell Williams 10
Hockey Symbols James Hattingh 10
Hockey Symbols Xander Grice 11
Hockey Symbols Charlie Wells 11
Hockey Symbols Casey van Heuven 11
Hockey Symbols Alex Waters 10
Hockey Symbols Scott Hanel 11 Re-award
Sport Award Student Name Year Level
Pedal Prix Colours Jake Nesbitt 11
Pedal Prix Symbols Sam Golding 12
Pedal Prix Symbols James Ritossa 11
Pedal Prix Symbols Noah Pitkin 12
Pedal Prix Symbols Hugo Wurm 11
Pedal Prix Symbols Kyle Miller 11
Sport Award Student Name Year Level
Rugby Colours  Tom Hosking 12
Rugby Colours  Tobey Ledger 12
Rugby Colours  Luke Sikalu 12
Rugby Symbols  Tom Mocatta 12
Rugby Symbols  Oliver Beadman 12
Rugby Symbols  Jack Blackburn 12
Rugby Symbols  Jacob Borrelli 11
Rugby Symbols  Ben Brierley 12
Rugby Symbols  Noah Browning 11
Rugby Symbols  Thomas Browning 10
Rugby Symbols  Edward Chipperfield 11
Rugby Symbols  Thomas Crosby 12
Rugby Symbols  Arthur Drayton 12
Rugby Symbols  Nick Gadaleta 11
Rugby Symbols  Ned Gauvin 12
Rugby Symbols  Wilbur Glaetzer 12
Rugby Symbols  Dakota Gordon 11
Rugby Symbols  John Hearn 11
Rugby Symbols  Mace Mickan 12
Rugby Symbols  Harry Mintz 12
Rugby Symbols  Ned Mintz 12
Rugby Symbols  Yash Patil 12
Rugby Symbols  Harry Raff 11
Rugby Symbols  Hamish Scobie 12
Rugby Symbols  Guy Strong 12
Sport Award Student Name Year Level
Service Symbols Ned Gauvin 12
Service Symbols James Ritossa 11
Service Symbols Oscar Chen 11
Service Symbols Antoni Ormsby 11
Service Symbols Jake Nesbitt 11
Service Symbols Andrzej Czechowicz 11
Sport Award Student Name Year Level
Soccer Colours Wil Carter 11
Soccer Colours Henry Filsell 11
Soccer Colours Connor Murphy 12
Soccer Symbols Harry Lienert 11
Soccer Symbols Bailey O’Neil 10
Soccer Symbols Henry Chipperfield 12
Soccer Symbols Orlando Sagrillo-Yeaman 12
Soccer Symbols James Wallwork 10
Soccer Symbols Oscar Page 10
Soccer Symbols Lucas Langley 12
Soccer Symbols Ethan J Allison 11
Soccer Symbols Tolomy Liapis 12
Soccer Symbols Manolis Stamatelopoulos 11
Soccer Symbols Jack Foster 12
Soccer Symbols Sean Ooi 12
Soccer Symbols Josh White 11
Soccer Symbols Vikesh Shrestha 11
Sport Award Student Name Year Level
Squash Colours Chathula Kiripitige 12 Re-award
Squash Symbols Eric You 12
Squash Symbols Victor Dang 12
Squash Symbols Ethan Lim 11
Squash Symbols Guy Dello-Iacovo 12
Squash Symbols Zihao Wu 12
Sport Award Student Name Year Level
Table Tennis Colours Oscar Chen 11 Re-award
Table Tennis Colours Glen Li 7
Table Tennis Colours Yimo Liu 8 Re-award
Table Tennis Colours Peter Zhang 8
Table Tennis Symbols Oscar Chen 11
Table Tennis Symbols Oliver Grieve 10
Table Tennis Symbols Sachin Ravindran 12 Re-award
Table Tennis Symbols Alexander Rouss 12 Re-award
Table Tennis Symbols Luis Vollmer 11 Re-award
Activity Award Student Name Year Level
Mooting Colours Alexander Rouss 12
Activity Award Student Name Year Level
Drama Colours Henry Chipperfield 12
Drama Colours Noah Browning 11
Drama Colours Will Fitzgerald 11
Drama Colours James Ritossa 11 Re-award
Drama Colours Jake Nesbit 11 Re-award
Drama Symbol Oliver Hamilton 9
Drama Symbol Will Lawrence 10
Drama Symbol Daniel Spiby 10
Drama Symbol Griffin Bierlein 11

Barnaby Eaton
Director of Sport and HPE