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We have a very talented cohort of staff and Senior School Art Teacher Ms Adele Turner is no exception. Ms Turner is in the running for the National Teacher-Artist Prize with her charcoal on board artwork titled “Salamat Po (Thank you)”.

Ms Adele Turner’s description of her artwork:

“The piece is charcoal on board and is titled ‘Salamat Po’, which is Tagalog (Filipino) for ‘Thank you’. The main image is of my daughter, Ihlara, which I snapped on my phone after we’d been in lockdown, unable to leave our apartment in Manila, for almost 10 months. Her wistful expression broke my heart, and in part, gave my husband and me the impetus to find a way out of the Philippines and back home to Australia. The beach which takes up the remainder of the composition, is Moana beach, a place which holds special memories for my family. I used the creation of this artwork as a way to process the complex feelings I had in relation to being away from home when the pandemic hit, and the strength it took to navigate our way out of the situation we found ourselves in, whilst living in a country in complete lockdown. Sadly, many of my ex-colleagues in Manila remained in the same lockdown situation for a further year, and have only just returned to hybrid-teaching.”

Good luck Ms Turner (and the SPSC Art Faculty that will also receive a prize if Ms Turner’s piece is judged a winner)!

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