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In the final edition of the newsletter for 2021, I acknowledge the contributions of all staff, particularly those who are leaving the School at the end of the year and those who have completed an extended period of service.

After 37 years at St Peter’s College, Mr Michael Gilmore, will leave the School in April 2022. 21 years’ service to boarding, 10 years as Year 8 Coordinator, Humanities Teacher and Rowing Master are but a few of Michael’s dedicated contributions over his truly remarkable career at SPSC. With an uncanny knack of providing a humorous perspective on any situation, Michael is a much-admired colleague and teacher who will be greatly missed by all.

For the past 24 years, Mrs Emily Rogers has fostered the love of learning in our Junior School students across various Year Level Coordinator positions and most recently as the Year 3 Coordinator. We are delighted to see Emily appointed as Assistant Head of Junior School at Seymour College and acknowledge her appointment as a testament to her professionalism and dedication. 

Mrs Em Wilson has been a valued member of our Junior School’s Diverse Learning team for the past 23 years. Her passion for learning and ability to bring out the best in the boys she has worked with is to be admired. 

Throughout a 21-year tenure at the School, Mr Garry Grosvenor has made many contributions as an educator, mentor, Coordinator of Hockey and Head of Short House. His abiding interest in teaching has always been directed towards the needs and engagement of our students, whether it be in academic disciplines, sport or pastoral concerns. Garry and his wife Sarah will take the role of Lead Pastors at Southland Church in 2022.

After 21 years of working as an ESO in the Junior School and ELC Co-educator, Mrs Dorina Bonifacio will be farewelled at the end of the school year. During Dorina’s tenure she has positively impacted students through her caring, committed and passionate nature, ensuring the best for students and their families as they commence their learning journey at St Peter’s College.

In her 18 years of service to the School, Miss Kylie Flanagan has been a valued member of our Senior School teaching staff. Kylie inspired her Geography and History students by bringing her wealth of knowledge and experience from numerous adventures around the world into the classroom. We wish her every success in her move to Ivanhoe Girls Grammar.

During his 16 years at the School, Jason Haseldine has provided careful and diligent stewardship of SPSC in his role as Director of Finance & Administration. We congratulate Jason on being appointed as the Head of Business & Operations at British School, Jakarta and wish him and his family the very best as they embark on this overseas venture.

I also acknowledge the exceptional contribution of three outstanding Heads of House; Mr Jon Inge, Mr Daniel Cardone and Mr Alfred Jehle. After a collective 58 years of service as Heads of House, all three gentlemen completed their tenure at the end of the academic year but will continue as highly regarded members of the teaching faculty in 2022. We welcome the following staff to the role of Head of House commencing in 2022; Ms Adele Turner (Farrell House), Mr Stewart Smith (Woodcock House) and Mr Jacob Robson (Farr House).

Every staff member at St Peter’s College works hard to create an exceptional community of learning which enables students to flourish. To all teachers – thank you for your dedication, passion and commitment to students. For those staff members who are taking up new opportunities or retiring – I wish you the very best in your future endeavours and know that you are always welcome here at the School. I know our parents – our partners in the journey of educating and caring for our boys and young men – will join me in thanking you.

Tim Browning