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In 2017, Ray Pearson moved to Adelaide from Toowoomba to commence as the Director of Boarding at St Peter’s College.

With a young family and a background in boarding, Ray embarked on his vision to further develop the culture and diversity of the Boarding House. The House has become a haven for students to thrive, be challenged, be nurtured and feel secure in their home away from home.

Ray’s experience of boarding made him the perfect leader for School & Allen House and his commitment to provide the right culture has been one of the key focus points of his journey over the past five years.

During Ray’s time at St Peter’s College he initiated many programs such as the Sony Camp; a unique program that allows much needed respite for families and carers while providing a chance for children with special needs to enjoy a fun filled camp on our School grounds. The Camp also provides an opportunity for students and staff from St Peter’s College and Wilderness to be a part of something very special.

The Phoenix Award, instigated by Ray, gives boarding students a chance to be acknowledged beyond the classroom and the sporting fields. This Award acknowledges students for their kindness and service in supporting and guiding their School & Allen ‘brothers’ in a ‘genuine and trustworthy’ manner. The award is presented throughout the year and at the end of the year votes are tallied and an overall winner for the year is gifted with a pair of RM William boots and his name is added to the Honour Board.  A highly sought after achievement!

With an aim to provide a more coherent and consistent approach to pastoral care, Ray has instigated more permanent residential staff to ensure a seamless level of care. This has led to a reconfiguration to the mentor system that is in keeping with the day House system and provided greater support to the boys.

Ray has placed a focus on strong academic progress which has seen the appointment of a senior staff member to support students with their academic progress, homework and one-on-one study sessions. This is a time where students can seek clarity on their work, gain confidence in their development and learn organisation skills. This, combined with tutor session with Maths, Science and English staff, ensures the boys have the opportunity to further their grades.

Like all good leaders, Ray had a presence in the Boarding House that is strongly admired, appreciated, and fully respected by staff and students. We have been blessed to have Ray and his beautiful family for five years and are grateful for his leadership, friendship and guidance.

We wish Ray, Ashlee and their three children all the very best for their new adventures in Armidale.

Rob Green and Sara Neville
Head of School & Allen and Boarding House Assistant