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Over the holidays, students may wish to recall the elective subjects they have chosen for next year. At any time, they can log back into web preferences ( to check their submitted preference receipt. The vast majority of students across the Senior School receive their first preference. Those that do not will be contacted directly by staff from the Learning and Teaching Centre, once timetable information is finalised. In the case of late subject change requests, no family should name or cover their son’s textbooks until they have received the confirmed timetable the week before school commences next year.

Parents often ask which subjects are compulsory when ordering books. To find out, please view the Senior School Curriculum, and check the Year level list corresponding to your son’s 2020 Year level.

The last date for students to make subject changes in time for the start of Term 1 next year is Wednesday 15 January. Following this date, the School’s systems, including Keystone and students’ calendars, will be populated with 2020 timetable data.

Please note, any student contemplating a subject change should not assume that it will be automatically approved. Several factors must be considered, including whether the new subject runs at a time that fits the student’s combination of other subjects, if there are free spaces remaining in the class and if the subject best matches the requirements of the student’s academic pathway into senior years and post-school.

I encourage all boys to speak with their subject teacher, their mentor, the Careers Counsellors, Mr Mark Colsey or Mr Cameron Hromin, Mrs Trudi Duggin (SACE Coordinator) or Mr Paul Hadfield (IB Coordinator) if they are considering a subject change. This should be done immediately.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Learning and Teaching Centre to discuss matters relating to the 2020 Senior School timetable. Our contact number is 8404 0433.

Sam Cheesman
Director of Studies