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On Thursday 21 March, students from St Peter’s College, Seymour College, and St Andrew’s School came together for the highly anticipated annual event – The String-In. This unique initiative brings together like-minded students from diverse backgrounds to work collectively, not only enhancing their musical skills but also nurturing social and emotional intelligence while fostering respectful relationships.

The afternoon started off with a combined rehearsal in Memorial Hall. This was led by our Strings Coordinator, Ms Sharon Campbell and supported by skilled staff from the participating schools.

Later in the afternoon there were tutorials in various areas surrounding Memorial Hall including The Chapel, Big Quad and Big School Room.

The students were then treated to an afternoon tea on the lawns outside Memorial Hall before a final rehearsal prior to the concert at 4.30pm.

Around 90 students were involved in the afternoon. The sound was truly magnificent!

Many thanks to Senior School Leadership for sharing the spaces with us, all of the staff from the three schools and in particular, Ms Sharon Campbell for initiating, planning and directing the entire event.

Simon Varga
Junior School Music Coordinator