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“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” It’s a common saying that we’ve all heard, but it holds a lot of truth, especially for sport in winter. On these cold nights and wet days, a focus on the task at hand is needed. We can’t change the weather, but we can ensure that our attitude is positive and that sport is approached with the right mindset.

The alternative is to stand around in the elements, not be productive and waste time. Training in these difficult conditions also gives us an opportunity to train and perform well when the conditions improve – it’s a foundation for improvement that can be built upon. These changes in conditions are challenges for all sports from table tennis or basketball to football or soccer.

These challenges that are afforded to us provide opportunities for our sporting leaders to stand up, show the way and lead by example.

Thank you to Mr Tim Browning for showing his support throughout Term 1 and 2 by being available at so many sporting fixtures.

Cycling: Congratulations to Angus Miller who has been selected in the SASI cycling program.
AFL Football: Congratulations to Dylan Stephens (Year 12), Will Warrick (Year 11), Henry Nelligan (Year 11) and James Higgins (Year 10) in SA representative squads.
Soccer: Congratulations to James Hosking (Year 10) who scored 7 goals in the 10A game last week.

Grant Wyman
Director of Sport and Athletic Development

Photo: Willem Daniel (Year 12) and Paxton Silby (Year 12) warm up for Hockey.