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The first of the tête-à-tête with Tim series kicked off on Wednesday 8 August, offering the community a unique opportunity to contribute to discussions about the future direction of the School, as Tim Browning, the 15th Headmaster, begins the task of developing the next strategic plan.

Twenty five valued members of the Saints community, made up of current and past parents, grandparents, old scholars and future parents, joined the Headmaster in his library for friendly and informal discussions. The evening was both productive and engaging, with a range of insightful feedback and comments coming to light during the evening.

The following key topics and themes were raised during question time:

  1. University degree relevance – How are we responding with our subject offerings and pathway options to the current public debate about degree job relevance and whether universities are fit for purpose?
  2. Internationalisation – What steps are we considering towards being truly internationally focused, in terms of international opportunities for students and teachers, as well as the successful integration with our international student cohort?
  3. Sustainability and community – How are we looking to move from enhancing ones self to being outward focused, community-centric and ecologically minded?

If you missed the first  tête-à-tête or know someone who would be interested in contributing to the ongoing dialogue, please join us for one of the two upcoming sessions. Bookings for Wednesday 22 August and Wednesday 5 September can be made via the following link.

Current and past parents, grandparents and old scholars attending the first tête-à-tête in the Headmaster’s library