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On Wednesday 21 June, a group of eleven students from Howard House and eight Year 4 SRC representatives embarked on a journey to the Fleurieu Peninsula to contribute their efforts to The Forktree Project. The Forktree Project is a registered charity that aims to restore a degraded 133-acre former pastoral property back to its natural state. The students actively participated in the restoration process, beginning with the removal of weeds and non-native plants from a designated area. This initial step was crucial in creating space for the growth of native seedlings that would eventually form a thriving habitat for indigenous animals. With great enthusiasm and teamwork, the students diligently planted and staked over 100 native trees, plants, and grasses during the day, demonstrating their dedication to environmental conservation.

The Forktree Project holds multiple goals that were successfully addressed during this volunteering initiative. By rewilding the land, the project aims to provide habitat for native species and combat climate change. It also aims to improve access to carbon funding for small-medium sized landholders by trialling better ways to calculate carbon emissions, thus encouraging more tree planting. Finally, the project aims to establish a seed nursery to grow native plants and act as an educational resource to encourage both sustainable practices and small-scale land regeneration.

The most enjoyable aspect of the experience was undoubtedly the collaboration between the older Howard House students and the younger Year 4 students, and how together, we worked to achieve a common goal. Personally, this experience taught me the immense power of collective action. Seeing the positive impact, we could make in just one day was truly eye-opening. The dedication of The Forktree Project and the passionate volunteers involved reminded me of the importance of taking concrete steps to restore and preserve our natural environment. Furthermore, the day reinforced the value of education and awareness. It is crucial to educate others about the significance of small-scale land regeneration and sustainable practices to inspire positive change beyond our immediate efforts.

Ben Northcote
Year 11 Howard House Student


Friends of Forktree Planting Day

Parents and students, join The Forktree Project’s ‘Friends of Forktree Planting Day’ on Sunday 23 July 10.00am to 4.00pm in Carrickalinga. For more information and to book your place, click here: