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The Cabaret Concert on Friday evening last week was a wonderful night, showcasing the talent of our musical students and their teachers. Similarly, the production of ‘The Snow’, performed by the youngest members of the Senior School this week, was outstanding and highlighted the amazing performance capacity of the students involved. As an audience member these evenings provide opportunities to share with our students and their families the final result of many hours of hard work.

And despite the obvious passion and talent that make these performances so enjoyable for those fortunate enough to attend, it is the hard work in the weeks, months and even years prior that ultimately renders the performance possible. The latent ability that lies within the students involved in these performances, indeed involved in any performance or competition or assessment that they undertake, is inadequate by itself to produce the quality of results we consistently see from our students. It is the input of sustained effort, with a single goal in mind, which flames these fires and produces results and performances that do justice to the potential of those involved.

Pulling out your saxophone for 45 minutes, after homework is complete and sport training has left you exhausted, is tough. Sacrificing Sunday afternoons to perfect your stage positioning and your lines in a drama performance, is tough. 6.30am strength and conditioning sessions in the gym are tough. Completing previous exams from the past five years to hone your preparation, is tough. But everything in life worth achieving requires sacrifice, and the motivation for the hard work must be an end goal that has meaning for the individual.

Congratulations to all students and staff who were involved in the performances I refer to above, and indeed to all students who over the course of the year have demonstrated determination and persistence that has resulted in an outcome of which you are proud. Our potential is boundless. I encourage you all to embrace the possibility of failure and pursue your destiny with a determination and belief that energises you through any obstacle that stands in your way.

Only though a commitment to the hard yards will the pursuit of any dream be made a reality.

James Tamblyn
Deputy Headmaster/Head of Senior School