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It was wonderful to witness the recent farewell of our Year 12 cohort as they embark on the next phase of their lives. After a moving and touching final Senior School Muster I was pleased to see the way the entire school, from ELC students to Year 11’s, farewelled our Year 12’s in our Avenue of Honour. This tribute brought many emotions to the surface, high fives and fist pumps with our younger Junior School boys and hugs and expressions of affection from our seniors. From Memorial Hall through Old School House and past the Pentreath Building, the entire student body along with teachers and administration staff came together to say goodbye to a group of young men who have made their mark on the School.

I look forward to hearing about the future endeavours of these fine young men. Upon seeing the entire School come together in such a way has caused me to reflect upon the importance of inclusivity at Saints. I am proud of the way our School openly recognises the importance of an Anglican education which involves welcoming everyone and embracing diversity. I have said many times already this year that our future challenge is to take Adelaide to the world and this becomes possible through greater diversity and inclusion. We believe that diversity contributes powerfully and directly to the quality of a student’s education. I look forward to continually working with our students, staff and wider community members to find ways to recognise and be enriched by diversity.

It has been equally exciting to see the Year 6 students begin their transition to the Senior School. Welcoming the Year 6 boys to the Senior School Muster this week was one of the first steps. Touring our current Year 6 parents through the Senior School campus on Thursday also provided the opportunity for parents to understand the pathway of adolescence more clearly and the varying partnership with the School that is necessary to support young teenagers.

Congratulations to Harry Bruce (Year 7) for winning the Year 7 – 9 Tennis Championship, the Turnbull Cup; an astonishing effort.

Tim Browning