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Witnessing students across a wider range of year levels in the Senior and Junior School pursue their best this term has been inspiring. There have been so many wonderful examples of the pursuit of excellence recently, it is hard to name a highlight. Starting the term with the Junior School Art Exhibition certainly set the bar high. The recent whole School music concert culminating in the mass performance of This is Me was outstanding and further amplifies the growth in music taking place across the School.

Athletics Day in both the Senior and Junior School during the last week have also been superb. Athletics is a wonderful community activity where the efforts of all the members of the House have a cumulative impact on the day. I am also thrilled to report that the follow up Inter-School’s Athletics Carnival, the Achillies Cup, was again won by St Peter’s College yesterday. For the first time in many years, St Peter’s College won each age group in 1st Division. Seeing boys across multiple age groups and disciplines support and extend each other was terrific.

The recent Year 10 Drama performances also highlighted the variety of strengths our students have recently displayed. The challenging scripts were well managed by the boys and each performance was very entertaining.

As we move into the Advent term we wish our graduating class of 2018 well as they prepare for their final rounds of assessment and seek to make their transition beyond school. We also welcome our new student leaders in the Senior School and encourage all students to make the best of the opportunities that await in their final year at school.

It gives me great pleasure to congratulate Angus Ritossa (Year 11) on an exceptional performance at the Informatics Olympiad in Tsukuba, Japan. In a competition that saw 87 countries represented, Angus placed 33rd out of 340 students and was awarded a silver medal for his efforts. Well done Angus.

Congratulations also to our U16 Sevens team for winning the U16 High School Rugby Sevens Competition. Tom Hoskings (Year 9), Will Bradley (Year 10), Conor Dwyer (Year 10), Felix Pyne (Year 10), Jack Kain (Year 10), Luke Robertson (Year 10), Olly Tierney (Year 10), Tom Mocatta (Year 9), Will Bowman (Year 10), James Higgins (Year 10), Killian Fortier, and Brendan Mouritzen all competed fiercely and who all took on the responsibility of getting the team together.