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Next week is National Boarding Week. This is a nationwide celebration for all 150 Australian boarding schools who provide world-class educational opportunities for any student regardless of where they call home. Saints boarders come from 100,000 acre stations across Australia to remote Indigenous communities on the Tiwi Islands and as far as Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

At Saints we have 101 boarders who contribute significantly to the diversity of our School community and live harmoniously together in one boarding house. An amazing achievement! While our boarders do face challenges and at times struggle in this abnormal living arrangement, they are immensely proud to be Saints boarders and enjoy the support and camaraderie of the Boarding House.

Boarding provides many opportunities and requires students to quickly develop skills of compromise, initiative, responsibility and leadership. However it is the encouragement, care and mateship often witnessed amongst the students that is inspiring. At Saints we are lucky to have all our boarding students form one of our 10 Senior School Houses. This provides an additional level of support for the students with the team of dedicated Mentor teachers and Heads of House providing empathetic care and assistance when needed. In the House Competition we are a force to be reckoned with; our boarders have a reputation of grit, resilience and a never-give-up attitude. These are qualities they are proud of and committed to maintaining.

National Boarding Week provides the opportunity for Saints boarders to say thank you to the vast networks of support that ensures a positive experience during their school journey. Their teachers and co-curricuar staff provide a wonderful environment for boys to learn and extend themselves inside and outside the classroom. Thank you also to the day school parents for providing transportation, hosting boys weekend leave and providing much missed home-cooked meals. And finally, to the outstanding Boarding House staff for providing around the clock care for each individual student, promoting inclusivity, facilitating activities and contributing to making the Boarding House a home.

Thank you to the St Peter’s College community for making boarding a rewarding, positive and memorable experience for all our boarders.

Ray Pearson
Head of Boarding