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Chess, a game of strategy and intellect, has witnessed a remarkable resurgence in popularity within our school community. This year, our very own Chess Club has experienced a surge in student engagement and an increase in player numbers across Years 3 to 6. With 12 teams in A, B, and C grades,

The Chess Club’s success extends beyond the walls of our school, as our talented players have achieved remarkable feats in local tournaments. Over the past year, our Chess Club members have participated in numerous competitions, consistently showcasing their exceptional skills and strategic thinking.

The benefits of chess extend beyond the realm of competitive play. Research suggests that Chess not only enhances critical thinking, problem-solving, and concentration skills, but it also increases enjoyment of mathematics and learning (Chitiyo et al., 2023).  Speaking with our fellow chess players, it is evident that students have developed a love for learning and a deeper appreciation for intellectual pursuits. “I really enjoy the ability to develop my skills on the chessboard and see how other players play. I also love how polite and friendly the matches are, where you get to shake hands with your opponent,” says Cesi Strangis, Year 6 student.

Outside of the incredible achievements and skills our talented student players display in the fortnightly interschool games, students attend weekly three chess practices with Mr Alan Goldsmith from the Junior Chess Association and with Mr. Bailey, the Junior School Coordinator during lunchtimes.

First time players have also expressed their passion for the game. “It is a sophisticated game, and I really enjoy the strategy and mental challenge involved. It is a good way to spend my lunchtime,” expresses Aidan Nuthall, a Year 6 student.

With 48 matches played fortnightly in the Junior School Function Space, it is a pleasure to have the support of several students from the Senior School. As part of their service to the school community, Aidan Du, Lachlyn Vuong, Joshua Joshi, William Carrigan, Will Renfrey, and Jack Zhang have volunteered their time as chess adjudicators. Their invaluable chess skills have assisted in smoothly and successfully adjudicating the matches.

As Round 3 approaches, it brings us great pleasure to receive feedback from our students. Zain Shahyan, a Year 6 student, expresses, “What I love the most is the learning environment and how friendly and welcoming it is.”  As we eagerly look forward to future rounds and continued growth, it is clear that Chess has found a special place within our school, enriching the minds and lives of our students in remarkable ways.

Angelika Bailey
Year 6 Teacher
Junior School Chess Coordinator

Chitiyo, G., Lastres, M., Simone, K., & Zagumny, L. (2023). Students’ perceived benefits of chess: Differences across age and gender. Journal of Global Education and Research, 7(3), 214-225.