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In 1R we are fostering our natural curiosity with exciting hands-on challenges and experiments.

Last week the boys invited members of the leadership team to join us for our annual STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) challenge. We were thrilled to have Mr Tim Browning, Mr Ben Hanisch, Mr James Tamblyn, Mrs Jasmine Taylor, Mrs Sheryle Yorston and School Captain, Hugo Hart.

The room buzzed with excitement as our leaders led their group in the tricky challenge of designing and building the tallest flower using only the materials provided in their pack.

It was fascinating watching each team attack their challenge in their own creative style and way. The teams were able to build tall flowers, however having them stand alone was the tricky part and we had some extremely creative ways of making their structure stable.

The winning team with the tallest flower was the red team led by Mr Tamblyn who won the challenge for the first time, while Mrs Yorston’s team won the most creative award.

We were extremely grateful to have many of our wonderful leaders spend time exploring and helping develop our critical and creative thinking skills and stimulating a passion for STEM and innovation. The boys said it was the best day of their lives!

Mrs Emily Rogers
Years 1 & 2 Coordinator
Teacher – Junior School