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The long-standing senior W H Irwin Public Speaking Competition, an opportunity for students in Years 11 and 12 to showcase their public speaking prowess, transpired in Weeks 1 and 2 of Term 4.

The preliminary rounds were of an outstanding calibre. Contestants presented a diverse range of topics, including criticisms of the Government’s role in global warming and the influence of media in politics. Congratulations to all participants on their efforts and achievement.

Finalists, Year 11 students, Nathan Choi and Rajiv Paranavithana, impressed both the judges and their Year 10 audience with highly emotive and insightful prepared speeches. They respectively examined the difficulties faced by those living with autism and the destructive classist impacts of capitalism. Moreover, both competitors presented impactful impromptu speeches in response to the topic “Life on Mars”.

Congratulations to Rajiv Paranavithana, the 2021 winner of the 73rd W H Irwin Public Speaking Competition, for his creative impromptu response, emphasising human nature’s need for connection.

Well done Rajiv!

Nia O’Loughlin 
Senior School English Teacher