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Our vision, at St Peter’s College, is to be an exceptional community of learning. This is not just for our boys, or teachers, but for every member of the Saints community. It was wonderful to see so many parents of Junior School students embracing this vision and attending a THRASS Parent Information Evening held in the Junior School Function Space.

THRASS is a tool that teachers in the Junior School use to explicitly teach literacy skills and is very different to the approach that we as adults were taught at school. As adults, we learnt through a graphaphonic approach – A is for apple – whereas, in the Junior School, we use a phonographic approach – boys identify sounds in words and select the appropriate spelling choice.

We, as parents and educators, continually support children through the challenge of learning something new; however, it was energising for many parents to experience what their son does as they challenged themselves with learning the beginning concepts of THRASS that is used in the Junior School.

More information about THRASS can be accessed on the THRASS website. However, if you would like to learn more about the practical application in our school and to experience this from a learners’ perspective in a collaborative social group, we will be holding regular THRASS Coffee Mornings. Our first one will be held on Wednesday 10 March. We would love to see you there.