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The Murray Bridge 24-hour Pedal Prix race was an awesome display of resilience, teamwork and driving skill. Full of thrills and spills! Regardless of where individual teams finished the race or series, all boys should be proud of their efforts in this gruelling sport.

Special mention to Vector for their second placing in the race and third overall in the 2023 Australian Human Powered Vehicle Super Series.

Thank you to the year 12 boys finishing their Pedal Prix careers. Connor, Jerry and Tom. Your contribution to the SPSC Pedal Prix team has been first class.

To the coaching staff, Angus, Jake, James and Sam and Damien Thamm; well done on your excellent care of the boys through countless training sessions, vehicle maintenance and races. A true team effort and excellent role models for future old scholars!

We are unable to race unless we provide track marshals. To the many parents that assisted throughout the series, thank you. Special mention to the following parents involved in the 24-hour marshalling, Willem Bissett, Mike Boylon, Duro Dobrijevic, Kristian Downing, Justine Duerden, Stephen Duerden, Tom Griffith, Alex Nehmy, Nikki Owen, and Andrew Walsh.

Special thank you Georgie and Frank Young for coordinating the catering arrangements for the Murray Bridge race. Along with many helpers, they did an amazing job of keeping the boys and families fed and content! A superb team effort done with a smile!

Finally, to the boys. Thank you for your efforts this season. Pedal Prix is a tough sport that is unique in the broad range of elements it draws on for success. You all contributed positively to the SPSC Pedal Prix program. I sincerely hope you all enjoyed the experience and consider returning next year!

The final race and series results can be found here:

Event Results click here
Series Results click here

Nick Lamont
Head of Pedal Prix