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They are back! After hours of work behind the scenes by the boys of the Historical Society, Old School House tours returned to a smashing success. Planning for this commenced back in Semester 1, led by the President of the Historical Society, to bring back a vital part of the School.

To assist in planning the tours, retired teacher-in-charge of Historical Society, Mrs Bartz was invited back onto campus to provide her wealth of knowledge of the building. This combined with assistance from our every helpful school Archivist, Mrs McKinnon-Mathews, helped us to finalise our material.

Commencing in Week 6, students from Years 7 to Year 12, plus staff, were led through Old School House by Toby de Wit, Andrzej Czechowicz, James Ewart, Alexander Piscioneri, Gustaw Czechowicz and William Roger. This was only possible due to the amazing support from the following staff members who assisted the boys: Mr Carter, Mrs McKinnon-Matthews and Mr Becker.

During the tour, students and staff were able to see areas that are usually off access, such as the Headmaster’s Chapel with its very tiny bibles. For the first time on these tours, students were also allowed access into the staff common, which used to be a dining area and chapel for the original boys. Special thanks to the Headmaster for allowing the students into his office, without being in trouble, and for providing an insight into meridian which starts on our campus grounds and runs through several important buildings in Adelaide.

All up over 95 people were skillfully toured through Old School House, learning the important history of our School. Special mention to the three Year 12 members who are leaving the School, who without their assistance we would have been unable to run the tours, Shreyas Khanna, James Loftus and Toby de Wit.

If you were unable to attend this run of tours keep your eye out as there are plans behind the scenes to run them again in 2022. We can’t wait to see you there next year and if you want to join in the fun come join the Historical Society, contact Mr James Carter with any questions.

Andrzej Czechowicz
Year 11, Howard
Historical Society