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On Sunday, a team of SPSC staff travel down to the Fleurieu Peninsula to visit some of our current and future boarding families. The day started with a morning visit to the Nott Family property. Preston Nott (Year 7) and his parents, Sandy and Bree, treated us to a tour of their amazing cattle property, showing off some of their outer paddocks, lakes and various buildings on the site. It was an invaluable experience for our boarding staff to get an insight into what life looks like for Preston and his family outside of the school term.

After leaving the Nott’s farm we travelled to Port Elliot, where we enjoyed a lunch at a restaurant with many of our current and future boarding families from the Fleurieu Peninsula. It was an enjoyable day for all who attended. Thank you to our Director of Enrolments, Amanda Bruce for organising the event.

Tim Angus
Director of Boarding