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On Sunday 11 September, St Peter’s College sent three teams from the Junior School to compete in the Tournament of Minds competition at Adelaide High School. The competition involved over 700 students representing schools across South Australia. Two of our teams participated in the STEM Challenge and one of our teams participated in the Arts Challenge.

The boys have spent the last six weeks preparing their solutions. They had to use all seven of their team-member’s strengths, knowledge and expertise to develop their most creative solution. Our SPSC boys went above and beyond the requirements by composing their own musical accompaniments, painting elaborate costumes and backdrops and engineering moving display platforms, all orchestrated into a cohesive script to tell their solution to the judges.

I would like to congratulate all of the boys who participated in Tournament Season:

Golden Boys – STEM Honours

  • Samuel Brett (Year 5)
  • Lachlan Bell (Year 4)
  • William Bouchard (Year 5)
  • Joseph Burchnall (Year 5)
  • Oliver Burchnall (Year 5)
  • Pranesh Nambiar (Year 5)
  • George Eastaugh (Year 5)

Gold Fever – STEM Participants

  • Jude Brooks (Year 5)
  • Sebastian Gilbert (Year 6)
  • Andrew Lucas (Year 6)
  • Steven Passaris (Year 5)
  • Harry Passaris (Year 5)
  • Matthew Tran (Year 6)
  • Axel Tansu (Year 6)

Mystery Musicians – ARTS Participants

  • Luke Lok Chun Hui (Year 4)
  • Oliver Tang (Year 4)
  • Tyler Gao (Year 5)
  • Shikhar Golla (Year 4)
  • Shaurya Yadav (Year 4)
  • Tim Xu (Year 5)
  • Michael Liu (Year 5)

I would also like to thank Susie Caruana and Michelle Cordon for their amazing teamwork!

Andrew Lucas, the Team Leader from the Year 6 Team ‘Golden Fever’  says,

“Tournament of Minds has been a fun but also challenging experience. Our group had to work well as a team to succeed. We all did our best and even though our team didn’t place, we all put in 100% effort, and everyone contributed thoroughly. Not only was the long-term challenge part of the criteria, but the adjudicators also judged you on your quick-thinking skills and your ability to work under pressure. This is called the spontaneous challenge. For me, the spontaneous challenge was probably the most enjoyable part of TOM. While we were at the competition, we saw other teams compete. It was very interesting seeing other schools give their point of view. I would recommend this for students because you must “think outside the box.” Teamwork is a must in TOM, and it is great to be able work with students from other year levels.”

Tyler Gao, the Team Leader from the Year 4/5 mixed Team ‘Mystery Musicians’ says,

“I think most of our group participated 100% in TOM, and I think that the TOM team is really inviting and friendly. My favourite part was the Spontaneous Challenge and the Presentation Ceremony, as those were the highlights of the day that the whole group enjoyed. The process of devising a solution to the Long Term Challenge was also really fun. The competition was a fun, challenging competition with a huge prize, and something that really pushes you to your limits, if not beyond! Tournament of Minds is an extremely prestigious competition, and if you get the opportunity, do it! It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and if you have the skill, leadership (and luck) you might be able to fly to Canberra!”

Melanie Wetherell Struben
Diverse Learning Teacher – Junior School