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Thank you for your continued support of your sons and the School throughout 2018. I hope the Christmas break gives you some time to spend with each other and catch your breath after another busy year of School.

Saints is a School that does have high expectations and standards. We expect our students to be dressed and groomed appropriately and to understand that, as students of this School, they are always in the public eye, especially when wearing their uniform.

I wish to clarify two expectations around this issue in particular. Firstly, students must have hair that is clean, neat, of natural colour and no shorter than a number 3, nor have significant contrast in length. Staff need to be able to see collar, eyebrows and earlobes at all times. This means that if hair is long on the top, and falls across the face of students, or needs to be tucked in behind their ears to keep it away from their face, they need a haircut. Families are asked to ensure students return in the new year with a haircut that aligns with these expectations.

Secondly, our summer uniform requires students to wear white socks, pulled up to the knees. A number of boys, when asked to pull up their socks, can only manage to get them half way up their shin as they have outgrown their current pair. These boys need to buy new socks that fit appropriately. Similarly, if socks are old and loose and constantly fall down, then boys should purchase new ones which can remain pulled up. This can be a consistent battle with some students, who regularly have socks down. To help overcome this problem, the uniform shop has bands that students can wear under their knee to keep their socks up, which are available for families to purchase. From the beginning of next year, if students are caught with their socks down, they will be issued with these bands and the small charge passed onto families.

Thank you again for your ongoing support and your assistance in keeping our students dressed well and in line with the high standards we all expect of a student from our great School. Have a wonderful Christmas break and enjoy the summer and some important family time.

David Scott
Head of Senior Years