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ANU Presentation

ANU (Australian National University), located in Canberra, is currently ranked as the 34th best university in the world and number one in Australia for most employable graduates. There are six Nobel Laureates among ANU staff and alumni. SPSC has had numerous old scholars study at ANU in a variety of different programs.

On Monday of Week 9, March 25, ANU will be running an information session at SPSC. The presentation will take place in Big School Room commencing at 3.35pm.


Flinders University Presentation

Flinders University will be running an information session at SPSC on Wednesday of Week 10, April 3rd. Flinders University has been popular amongst SPSC old scholars for various courses, particularly those which are not offered elsewhere in South Australia, such as the Bachelor of Paramedicine and Nutrition & Dietetics degrees. Flinders University has also drawn an increased level of interest from our graduates with their new campus in the Festival Plaza of Adelaide’s CBD.

The Flinders University presentation will take place at lunch time in Big School Room, from 12:40 – 1:20pm. Students are welcome to bring their lunch with them.

Todd Matthews 
Teacher – Personal Development Faculty
Careers Counsellor