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Unlocking Cultural Connections

Chisomo Banzi’s Journey Through Chinese Language and Innovation

On February 23, 2024, Chisomo Banzi (S&A 2018), an alumnus of St Peter’s College who graduated in 2018, visited some Chinese classes to share his ongoing journey after completing his studies. Chisomo has an impressive track record in learning Chinese, having not only emerged victorious in the 9th Hanyu Qiao (Chinese Bridge) Preliminary Competition in 2016 (for SA, WA, NT, and ACT), but also representing his team internationally in China on a televised program where they clinched the Team Excellence Award. Furthermore, he achieved a score of 6 in IB Chinese B HL.

During his visit, Chisomo imparted valuable learning tips to the classes, advocating for engaging with native content such as music or TV shows to foster a deeper appreciation for the language and culture, thus transcending the notion of Chinese as merely a subject to study, but rather as a gateway to understanding a rich culture and forging profound connections with people. He emphasised the importance of engaging in basic conversation irrespective of one’s proficiency level, noting that it facilitated unexpected connections and interactions with others. Additionally, he highlighted the significance of self-study, sharing insights on effective vocabulary and grammar acquisition strategies, as well as recommending various resources like songs, podcasts, and shows for language practice. He also encouraged students to seek opportunities to converse with friends in person or through language exchange platforms like HelloTalk.

Chisomo’s journey served as a source of inspiration for current Chinese language students, illustrating how learning Chinese had broadened his worldview and opened up professional opportunities beyond his imagination. From collaborating on global projects in the film industry to expanding his network across continents, learning Chinese has significantly impacted his career trajectory. Chisomo recounted his recent month-long trip to Taiwan, where he presented a concept for an immersive VR language learning application at the Meet Taipei Startup Festival. His proficient Chinese communication skills garnered keen interest from potential users and collaborators, yielding valuable feedback on the product demo and even attracting leads for potential investors, primarily due to his ability to communicate effectively in Chinese.

In conclusion, Chisomo’s journey in learning Chinese underscored the transformative power of languages, emphasising that they extend beyond mere communication tools, serving as catalysts for understanding diverse perspectives and fostering connections worldwide. His app, Speakeasy3D, facilitates language practice with AI-powered virtual tutors, offering language learners a unique opportunity for immersive learning. For those interested, updates on the project can be found at

Fangfang Qiu
Coordinator of Chinese