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In December 2023, nine young men took part in the 2023 Australian Volleyball Schools Cup tour, which took place in Queensland and involved an emotionally and physically demanding week. The boys participated in the largest school-based athletic competition in Australia, the Australian Volleyball Schools Cup, which drew teams from throughout the nation and even abroad and featured numerous matches of elite volleyball.

The team arrived in Brisbane on Sunday 3 December. We spent the first day unwinding and getting ready for the upcoming week. After we checked into our Gold Coast hotel, we headed to the beach to chill off and acclimatise to the tropical climate.

Every team member’s physical and mental toughness increased during this volleyball vacation. This was demonstrated by the boys winning hard-fought matches that included a few narrow losses. They did this by using what we had learnt in previous training sessions before the event and by communicating well on the court. The young men would constantly make a lot of noise to keep the squad motivated and energised, whether they were on the court or the bench. Because of this, we were able to win a lot of games by maintaining a positive attitude inside the team and building on our prior victories.

Despite the fact that a few players suffered injuries or exhaustion during the week, they all persevered and gave it their all to keep the squad moving. The staff — Mr Lamont, Mr Papazoglou, and Pierce Cordes-Harvey — trained and prepared the squad for a competitive competition in Queensland, and they were instrumental in the squad’s remarkable teamwork, effort, and success. The staff encouraged the boys to achieve better than other teams in the competition and kept us motivated. The entire playing cohort is very grateful for their support. The team also wants to express its gratitude to our parents for allowing us to go on the trip and the school for organising it. The relationships and experiences made on this journey are what matter most and will last a lifetime.

Jordan Primaro
Captain of Volleyball