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Old Government House (OGH) is an enchanting historical site situated in the heart of Belair National Park, that has stood the test of time and once served as the summer residence for some of South Australia’s early governors. Its restored Victorian-style architecture is a testament to the state’s history and holds immense significance. OGH is not just a museum, but a medium for historical education, with engaging tours and delightful afternoon tea being run every 1st, 3rd and 5th Sunday of the month, as well as every public holiday. 

OGH is also the recipient of numerous donated items (upwards of 3,500), gifted by generous individuals who share a passion for preserving history. To ensure these items are accurately documented and preserved, OGH put out a message requesting assistance with digitising their records. As a fervent history enthusiast as well as an interested individual, I responded and began digitising documents, a task that has continued for almost a year and a half. Not only do I have the privilege of handling historical documents, however I also have the unique opportunity to interact with items such as several hundred-year-old books, ensuring their stories live on for generations to come. The digitised records will eventually be made accessible to the public, preserving the legacy of OGH for posterity. OGH’s team of dedicated volunteers is instrumental in its continued success. They run afternoon tea, guided tours, and maintain the pristine gardens. Anyone with a passion for preserving history, gardening, or simply looking for an enjoyable time is welcome to join the volunteer team. Simply contact the Secretary at Old Government House Tina ( to inquire! 

Overall, Old Government House is an irreplaceable part of South Australia’s cultural heritage, and the dedication of its volunteers ensures that its legacy is preserved for future generations to enjoy and cherish. 

Johnny Turner
Year 11 Student