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It was wonderful to be able to read over so many report comments at the end of Semester 1 that highlighted the way students were building relationships and displaying their strengths. This created a very positive focus on Relationships as we moved into Term 3 and I have recently spoken at Assembly and had a number of conversations with students about their efforts to build relationships.

The challenge I have given to the students is to reflect on how they make a positive impact on the experience of other members of our community and act to increase the positive experience of others. Positive comments after a student gives a class presentation. Encouragement while on the sports field to a teammate. Saying thank you to show gratitude for the help and support another student or a teacher has given to you. Asking a student to join in on a game of handball or a kick of the football at break. Small actions that can make a big difference for other members of our community.

We know that building and maintaining relationships is an important learning experience and we can sometimes make mistakes. A key learning experience for the students is that if there is a problem or someone has had a negative impact on their experience at school then we need to encourage them to seek help. Help seeking behaviours create important discussions for all students involved in the interactions and our hope is that the relationships developed with staff provide the connection to actively share. I invite students and parents to contact me with their positive and/or negative experiences with me via email on

I would like to continue to encourage students to use the ‘What Went Well’ activity in the diary to enter three positive events that have occurred throughout each day. For parents this is an excellent prompt to help start or continue discussions about the day. Sharing events, who was involved in the positive experiences and what were the emotions that were felt during this time can create some lively discussion.

I would also like to take this time to remind parents about the Wellbeing resource SchoolTV. This is an outstanding online resource providing parents with resource strategies to support the wellbeing of their child or children.

Ben Storer
Deputy Head of Junior School – Wellbeing and Administration